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Immune System Strength

Boosting Immunity: Creating Wellness Naturally, by Len Saputo - This is an excellent primer on immunity that covers all the basics without being overwhelming (or terrifying, for that matter). The moderate sized chapters are written in user friendly language by eight experts in a variety of fields. Each chapter offers helpful and practical suggestions. The book makes getting well and staying well seem pretty easy.


90 Day Immune System Makeover, by Janet C. Maccaro

If you are tired o f being sick and tired and are ready for a complete immune system makeover, this powerful east-to-follow 90 day immune system makeover can show you how. You can build and strengthen your immune system, bring your body’s systems into proper balance and experience disease-free living.


The Antibiotic Alternative: The Natural Guide to Fighting Infection and Maintaining a Healthy Immune System, by Cindy L.A. Jones, PhD -"The Antibiotic Alternative gives the straight scoop on antibiotics--how they work, potential side effects, dangers of overuse, and compelling reasons to use them with restraint.  Dr. Jones's coverage of these subjects is balanced and supported by an abundance of research.  This book is a valuable addition to the library of anyone interested in maintaining optimum health." 


The Immune Advantage: The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Health, by Keith Berndtson - This powerful natural immune-boosting program to help you: * Prevent disease * Enhance vitality * Live a longer, healthier life and help cut your risk of all major disease by at least 20 percent.


The Immune System Cure: Optimize Your Immune System in 30 Days the Natural Way, by Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe – This book covers all the basics of developing and maintaining a healthy immune system. It includes: detailed information on important vitamins and supplements, foods to avoid, specific diseases such as cancer, autoimmune illnesses, allergies, HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis and chronic fatigue syndrome. The book concludes with lists of product manufacturers, resources, references and a thorough index.


The Top 100 Immunity Boosters: 100 Recipes to Keep Your Immune System Fighting Fit, by Charlotte Haigh - This handy guide lists the most potent of these immune-boosting foods - profiling each one, highlighting its unique benefits, and providing important nutritional information. The book was written for those in poor health (whether short- or long-term), those who suffer from repeated infections, or anyone who is simply concerned with maximizing health through nutrition.  


Viral Immunity:  A 10 Step Plan to Enhance Your Immunity Against Viral Disease Using Natural Medicine, by J.E.

Williams - This valuable book explores the many natural ways of combating viral infections. This includes stress management, enzymes, nutrition, detoxification, oxygen therapies, immune modulators, natural hormones, natural antiviral medicines, anti-inflammatory medicines and Chinese and Western herbs.



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