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  Acupuncture 11
  Alcohol and Drug Prevention or Recovery 7
  Alexander Technique 6
  Alternative Cancer Treatments 22
  Alternative Ezines - Newsletters 5
  Alternative Medicine Resources 37
  Anti-Aging Information 3
  Aquatic Therapy 1
  Art Therapy 4
  Ayurveda Medicine 12
  Bach Flower Remedies 3
  Become a Holistic Practitioner 6
  Biofeedback 2
  Body - Mind - Spirit 33
  Body Work Techniques 1
  Bowen Technique 2
  Breath Therapy 8
  Cancer Resources 1
  Caregivers Resources 3
  Children 0-18 23
  Chinese Medicine 7
  Chiropractic Healthcare 2
  Colon Therapy 3
  Crystal and Gem Therapy 2
  Dentistry 7
  Detoxification 7
  Diet and Nutrition 5
  Distance Healing 1
  Electromagnetic EMF Protection 3
  Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT 1
  Energy Medicine 9
  Expectant Mothers 7
  Eye Care Naturally 8
  Feldenkrais Method 3
  Feng Shui 5
  Find a Practitioner 4
  Gerson Therapy 1
  Gifts to Heal the Heart and Spirit 14
  Guided Imagery 1
  Healing Natural Products 11
  Health and WellBeing 1
  Health Condition and Remedies 55
  Health Dangers Revealed 4
  Health Directories 9
  Herbal Medicine 36
  Holistic Healing Centers 9
  Holistic Healthcare 16
  Holistic Pediatrics 6
  Homeopathic Medicine 13
  Hypnotherapy 12
  Indigo and Crystal Children 3
  Magazines 5
  Massage Therapy 8
  Medical Intutives
  Medical Resources 36
  Meditation 8
  Mens Health 3
  Midwifery 1
  Music Therapy 3
  Natural Healing Tools 3
  Natural Health 26
  Natural Hormone Replacement 1
  Natural Products 47
  Naturopathic Medicine 5
  New Age Resources 3
  Nutrition for Better Health 8
  Nutritional Supplements 27
  Organic and Natural Food 9
  Pain Management 4
  Pet Holistic Healthcare 1
  Psychology 1
  Qigong and Tai Chi 10
  Reflexology 2
  Reiki 9
  Self Test Analysis 4
  Skin Care Naturally 25
  Spiritual Healing 3
  Stop Smoking 1
  Stress Management and Relief 9
  Troubled Teens 7
  Vegetarian Sites 4
  Water and Air Purifiers 7
  Weight Loss and Fitness 21
  Womens Mental and Physical Health 31
  Yoga 5
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